Getting Started with Streamline

If you're new to Streamline, follow these steps to get started!

Note: the Getting Started process takes about 1.5 hours to complete. The first 60 minutes are spent watching the recorded training (Step 1). The last 30 minutes are dedicated towards hands-on practice (Step 2). There is an optional (but suggested) extra hour of training available as well (Step 3).

Step 1: Watch the Getting Started training

The Getting Started training will introduce you to the basics of managing your Streamline Web site, with a focus on basic navigation, content creation, and compliance for your Web site. It will take you ~60 minutes to complete:

Step 2: Complete Core Tasks on your own

Here are some core concepts that every Streamline site master should know how to do:

  1. Make sure you have your Streamline site URL(s) handy and have a username and password -- if you don't for any reason, reach out via email here:
  2. Create a new Page and add it as a teaser to your homepage on your Web site (see how)
  3. Learn how to update and customize your home page (see how
  4. Add some meetings / agendas via the Meeting tab on your Web site (see how)
  5. Add some items to your Compliance tab on your Web site (see how)

Other Suggested Tutorials

Optional Step 3: Want to learn more? Advanced Topics (copy of presentation)