Getting Started with Streamline

If you're new to Streamline, follow these steps to get started!

Step 1: Watch the Getting Started training

The Getting Started training will introduce you to the basics of managing your Streamline Web or Portal site, with a focus on basic navigation, content creation, and compliance for your Web site. It will take you ~60 minutes to complete:

Step 2: Complete some basic activities on your own

Here are some key things that every Streamline site master should know how to do:

  • Make sure you have your Streamline site URL(s) handy and have a username and password -- if you don't for any reason, reach out via email here:
  • Add some meetings / agendas via the Meeting tab on your Web site (see how)
  • Add some items to your Compliance tab on your Web site (see how)
  • Create a new Page and add it as a teaser to your homepage on your Web or Portal site (see how)
  • Learn how to update and customize your home page (see how

Step 3: Schedule your 1-on-1 Go Live training!

If you're in the process of launching your Web or Portal site for the first time, make sure you schedule your 1-on-1 Go Live training ASAP! During this 30-minute call, our Head of Customer Happiness, Chris, will personally walk you through the go-live process and answer any questions you have.

Don't forget to review our go live checklist as well to make sure you're squared away.

This session is required before you can take your Web site live to the world!

Once you have completed Step 3, typically we can have your site live to the world within 3-7 days, if not sooner. 

Schedule your 1-on-1 Go Live training >

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