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Creating and posting your Enterprise System Catalog

Everything you need to know to comply with SB 272

The requirement for California Special Districts to post and annually update an Enterprise System Catalog is a confusing one. Fortunately, Streamline makes it easy! Read through this tutorial to learn everything you need to know to stay compliant with this law. Learn more about SB 272 or view the FAQs from our webinars.

Creating a free Enterprise System Catalog account

To create your Enterprise System Catalog, we recommend you sign up for a free System Catalog account here: https://www.systemcatalog.net/.

The System Catalog tool is provided free and separately from our Streamline Web platform, and therefore you will need to sign up for a separate account to use this tool. 

Using the Enterprise System Catalog Dashboard

From the sign up page linked above, fill in the required fields to get started. Note that in the Catalog URL field, you can let it autofill based upon the Agency name you provide -- this Catalog URL is really important! Keep it handy:

Once you're logged in, you will see your Enterprise System Catalog Dashboard, where you will manage all of your systems and catalog revisions for your district in one place. You will manage your System inventory on the left (Step 1), and manage your Catalog revisions on the right (Step 2).
Before we do either, we need configure your account correctly on your first log in. Click Edit Agency profile to add your address, phone, etc (button on the upper right, or the Edit link below your agency name):
On the Agency Profile page, be sure to fill in all fields, and click Save when finished:

Adding systems to your catalog

Once that's done, you can start adding your systems, using the System Inventory section on the left side of your Dashboard. Click + Add system, then answer the questions that are presented to help you determine if that system needs to be included in your public catalog:
There is help text to guide you along the way, so read it carefully! The first five steps are to determine if the system needs to be included in your public catalog. Simply proceed through the wizard and when finished, you should see a presentation of the item on your catalog like so; if you need to make any changes, go ahead and do so, otherwise click Back to the agency dashboard to add another item to your catalog:
Note that anything exempt will show in your dashboard, below in the exempted systems, for your reference. They will not be included in the catalog the public sees, however.
Continue adding systems until you don't have any more to add. Here's an example of a few inventoried systems:

Publish your Enterprise System Catalog

Once you've completed your system inventory, you're ready to publish the actual catalog to the Internet (note: this does not publish this to your Streamline site! Read on for more instructions on how to complete this important final step). To do so, click + Add catalog revision on the right side of your Dashboard:
On the next screen, click the blue Publish this catalog button: Voila! Your system catalog is live to the world at the URL you chose when you signed up.

See how

Click to watch a video walkthrough of the steps outlined above!

Adding your Enterprise System Catalog to your Streamline site

To actually link the catalog to your Streamline site, you will want to navigate to your Transparency Dashboard (read more about the Compliance Dashboard here). The actual steps to follow :

1) Log in to your Streamline site and navigate to the Compliance tab:

From there, locate the Enterprise System Catalog item (under the General Agency Information section) in the Transparency dashboard:

2) Click Add New

3) You will see your Page library appear; click the New button in the top left corner to create a new page. On the Create Page box that pops up, choose the External option from the dropdown menu:

4) Add a title; we suggest Enterprise System Catalog

5) Paste your Enterprise System Catalog URL into the URL field

6) Click Save and close to add your Catalog to your Streamline site - that's it!

See how

Click to watch a video walkthrough of the steps outlined above!

A few more tips

Your URL will always be the same, and will always point to the most recent catalog revision. If you add new systems on the left, remember to create a new public catalog revision on the right.

Put a reminder in your calendar to update the catalog annually. Our tool allows you to publish any number of revisions to your catalog, so you can update even more often if you'd like. Some agencies choose to publish a new catalog any time they add another computer system so they are constantly on top of it. 

For more information on SB 272, including the Q&A transcripts, visit our 272 webinars page. This might help answer more of the technical questions around what systems should be included.