Streamline Onboarding: Go live in 4 easy steps

The 4-Phase Onboarding process is our fast and efficient method to get your new site live to the world!

Whether you have a gigantic website or a small one (or even no site at all!), transitioning to Streamline is easy thanks to our battle-tested 4-Phase Onboarding program. With this process, the vast majority of new Streamline sites can launch in as little as 2 weeks with just 2 hours of your time spent!

Step 1 - Kick Off (30 min)

To begin, we'll schedule a Kick Off call together to introduce ourselves, review your district's goals, discuss the 4-phase onboarding process, and answer any questions you may have at the onset. To schedule this call, click on the link in your Welcome Email or email us at!

During this call we'll fully map out the onboarding process, including scheduling your Go Live call (see Step 4 below), so you'll have absolute clarity as to when your site will go live and what you'll need to do to make it happen!

Step 2 - Training (1 hour)

After the Kick Off, you'll want to complete this 60-minute Getting Started training. This will introduce you to the fundamentals of your Streamline site, and provide important information about meetings, agendas, and compliance: 

(Looking for more training? Check out our Advanced Topics training here >)

Step 3 - Practice (1 hour)

Using what you learned in the Getting Started training, you'll want to practice these five Core Concepts and ensure you are confident you can complete these on your own. 

  1. Make sure you and everyone working on the site has a username and password to log in. You'll want to learn how to add other Users to your site (see how). You can sign into your site using the "Sign in" link in the bottom-right part of the homepage.
    Note: If you don't have a log in, email us at
  2. Create a new Page and add it as a teaser to your homepage on your Web site (see how)
  3. Learn how to add a Page to your Menu (see how)
  4. Add some meetings / agendas via the Meeting tab on your Web site (see how)
  5. Add some items to your Compliance tab on your Web site (see how)

If you have any trouble with these, you can also schedule additional office hours with our Success team for additional support.

Step 4 - Launch (30 min)

To launch your site, we'll schedule a final "Go Live" call to discuss the technical process of going live and answer any outstanding questions you might have. You won't need to worry, as our Success team will inspect your site to ensure it's compliant, accessible, and ready for the public. during this call and prior to going live.

Note: If you are using a custom domain (i.e. please confirm you have access to your domain account as soon as possible to prevent any delays in going live!

This call should have been scheduled during your Kick Off call, but if for any reason that didn't happen or you need to reschedule please reach out to your Implementation Manager or

These tutorials will be helpful during the Launch process: