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How to add files, PDFs, and attachments, as well as move, rename, and remove files on your website pages

You can easily use File elements to insert a file (such as a PDF or Word document) directly onto a page as a customizable link a visitor can click to download. 

Hey! Are you trying to upload an agenda or minutes for a board meeting? We recommend using the Meeting Dashboard for all your meeting-related needs, and save this tutorial for all your other files. (Have questions about what this means? Contact us!)

Add a file to a page on your website

  1. Navigate to the page and click Edit this page at the top right of the screen:  editpage
  2. Below the Title, in in the Main Body Content area, locate the + icon  to the left of the location where you want to add a file, and click the icon to bring up the Insert Element menu (if you don't see these icons, simply click to the left, outside of the Main Body Content area, to make them appear)
  3. Choose the File element and click Insert in the top-right corner: 
  4. Locate the file from your Content Library you want to include and click on it to select it. If you don't see the file you're looking for, you can upload it directly from your computer by clicking the Select & upload a file button:
  5. Once you have the file selected, click the Select button in the top-right corner: 

    See how:

Move a file around a page

  1. While editing a page, hover your mouse cursor over the file (but don't click)
  2. Locate the blue cross icon   to the right side of the file that will appear
  3. Click, hold, and drag your mouse to reposition the file up and down the page

    See how:

Rename a file link on a page

  1. While editing a page, hover your mouse cursor over the file until the text appears to be underlined
  2. Click directly on the text to rename the file link 
  3. Click Done when finished:

    See how:

Note: you don't need to leave the file extension as you are not renaming the actual file, only the text that appears on the page

Remove a file from a page

  1. While editing a page, hover your mouse cursor over the file element
  2. Locate the red X icon    to the right of the file
  3. Click the X to remove the file from the page

Note: This only removes the file from this page, and does not remove it from your Content Library!

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