Text editing - styles, formatting and more

So you wanna edit some text on a Streamline page? You're in the right place!

Typing and basic formatting

Click into the Main Body content area while editing any page to begin typing. You can type into this area like most text editors, using the return key to add new paragraphs as you go.

You're able to highlight text and apply simple formatting such as bold and italicization using the formatting bar.

You can also set up bulleted or numbered lists. 

Note: multiple levels of indentation are not yet supported in the editor and will not display properly if used!

Using subheadings and styles

For more interesting design options, you can utilize the Styles menu. This will give you options for creating subheadings and callouts. When editing, here is how these styles appear:

When you save the page they will look like this:

Adding inline links

You can highlight any bit of text on the page and click the link icon to turn that text into a hyperlink. You'll need the URL of the resource you want to link to ready to add to this field:

To update a hyperlink, we recommend removing the original one by highlighting the link and clicking the "remove link" icon. Then, add a brand new link in its place.