Pre-go live checklist

Before you go live, there are some important things you want to make sure are completed first

1. Complete your Getting Started training

To help reduce the possibility of frustration down the line, we recommend making sure you understand the basics of how to manage a special district website. We make it easy -- you can sign up for our weekly interactive training sessions, or you can watch a recorded version (and email us your questions!) here: Getting Started

2. Confirm where your domain is registered (if using a custom domain)

If you're using the Streamline-provided domain, you've completed this step already!

The first thing you want to confirm is where your domain is hosted. Common domain hosting providers include GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Bluehost, Namecheap, and more.

You'll want to know who has the login for this account; this could be you, someone in your district, or a third party. Confirm who this person is and make sure they can log in to the account!

3. Make sure your content is compliant & ready

Things don’t have to be perfect necessarily because you can easily make changes later, but it’s a great idea to go through your home page and other important pages to make sure things look correct. 

The most important items to include are your meetings (with agendas) and all required compliance items, which are outlined in your Streamline dashboard; if you aren't sure what is outstanding, it's a good idea to log in and review your transparency tab & meetings tab to ensure you have these required items squared away. 

Review our guide to completing your Transparency checklist here >

4. Make sure your stakeholders are ready

The last thing you want is to have someone – especially a board member! – go to your website and be surprised to see a totally new site. Make sure you have communicated your "go live date" internally to the right stakeholders, and let them know it may take a few days after the site goes live for everything to load correctly.

5. Notify Streamline & schedule your Go Live training!

We want to be by your side during the go live process, so let us know when you're planning to pull the trigger and we'll make sure everything is ready for launch during a one-on-one training session: