Go live FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the go live process

Q: Will I get to keep my existing domain?

Yep! It's almost always recommended to keep your same domain, and to just "point" that domain to your new Streamline site when it's ready. You don't need to change your domain when changing your website!

Q: Is the site I am working on before going live a "practice" site?

Nope! This is the site that will become visible to the world once you go live, so any work you're doing on it won't have to be repeated later on.

Q: Will I still be able to add content to my site once it is live?

A: Yes! You will be able to change and modify site content at any time before or after your site goes live. You'll also be required to continue uploading new meetings, agendas, or other required items to your site on an ongoing basis. 

Q: How do I know if I'm ready to go live?

A: We have completed a pre-live checklist to help you out. Chances are, we'll be checking in on you during the training and migration process to let you know if you're ready as well. The short version: you'll definitely want to make sure you have your required transparency items and your meetings/agendas squared away first (at minimum).

Q: Should we purchase a custom domain, or use the Streamline-provided one?

A: Either one is completely fine - there is no "best" domain to use. Many districts who want to have more control over their brand will want to purchase their own custom domain; either we can assist with this process through our concierge services, or more commonly, you can purchase a domain from one of several reputable providers.

Some districts are happy to save the expense on a custom domain and use the specialdistrict.org domain provided through their subscription; either one will allow the public to access your site, which is the only thing that really matters!

You can learn more about the differences between website hosting (what Streamline does primarily) vs. domain hosting (what services like GoDaddy do primarily) in this article explaining the difference >