Getting Started with Streamline Portal (Admin users)

Get started building your team's secure, cloud-based new way to share documents, information, and collect form submissions!

This guide is designed to help existing Streamline users to take their Portal site from the initial seed to a complete Intranet site ready for your board members, staff, and volunteers to access.

If you've never completed the Getting Started training for Streamline Web, email us at and we'll coordinate with you!

1.  See what's new in Portal

Watch this short video to see what's new in your Portal site!

2.  Begin adding content

After watching the video above, and based on your existing Streamline knowledge, you should be ready to tackle the following common Portal tasks:

You can continue adding content after you invite users, so once you have enough content to be helpful for your team, it's time to invite some users!

3. Invite users

Unlike your public Streamline Web site, your Portal site is ready to go "live" to your district whenever you feel it's ready! There are no compliance checklists to worry about -- once the site has content that's helpful, you're ready to begin inviting staff and other users.

Be sure to check out our article on how to add users to your Portal site as you'll want to make sure the correct permissions are set >

As you add users, Portal will send them an automated email with a link to login and set up their own password, which means your work is done! 

4. Schedule a Portal Review call

After inviting your users, we'll put 30 minutes on the calendar to review your Portal and discuss strategies to make sure we maximize your district's experience with the platform.