Adding users to your Portal site

Learn how to invite both Admin-level and Standard-level users to your Portal site

Adding users to your Streamline Portal site is easy and essentially identical to the process of adding users in Streamline Web. However, in Streamline Web you're only going to invite users who will have some level of editing and Admin-level privileges.

However, with Portal, it's likely the majority of the users you invite will have only Standard-level privileges (i.e. view-only, no editing allowed). Read on to learn what this entails and how to accomplish this!

Invite new users to your Portal

To invite new users to your Portal site, navigate to the Users tab via the sidebar. There you can click the New User button to invite a new user :Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 4.02.01 PM

Understanding user permissions (admin vs. standard)

Clicking the New user button will bring up the Add a New user screen (seen below). Here, you will want to fill out each field and importantly, think about the permissions this user should have:

Admin users are folks who can make edits to the site alongside you. Admins are basically a user with at least one (or likely all) of the permissions checked. Here's a rundown of how each permission works for your reference:

  • Manage site structure & content allows a user to access the Menu and Content tab, as well as edit any page on the site.
  • Manage users allows a user to add users and fully manage the Users tab, including editing other users' permissions
  • Manage form submissions gives access to the Submissions tab where a user can view or download all form submissions from across your Portal
  • Manage engage allows a user to manage the Engage feature (more to come!)
  • Manage site preferences allows a user to edit or modify any part of the Preferences tab (except the Emergency Notification which is handled separately)
  • The Emergency Notification box allows the user to update the sitewide notification, which all users will see when logged in

You can mix and match permissions based on what the user needs to do, although most Admin users will retain all permissions for convenience and access. 

Here is an example of the permissions for an Admin User:

Standard users are a user with no permissions checked -- these are your staff, board members, volunteers and others who need to access the site but shouldn't be able to make changes. These users are able to log in and view the content that is posted, download files, fill out forms, etc. but cannot make any updates, view submissions, or modify the site in any way.

Here is an example of permissions for a Standard user:

Reminder: unless someone has a User account, they won't have access to your Portal site at all!

User onboarding

After filling out the new user screen and clicking the Add User button, Portal will automatically send them a welcome email with a link that will prompt them to create a password and login. They will receive an email from Streamline ( that looks something like this:

Note: the user must click the Accept Invitation link or they won't be able to create a password or access the site!

Once the user clicks the Accept Invitation link, they'll be routed to a page to choose their password:

Standard user permissions

Here is what a Standard user will see when they are logged in to your website:

Standard users can view and access the content posted on your Portal site, but do not have access to any tabs outside of My Profile or Sign Out, and therefore cannot make any edits.

For more information on how the user onboarding process works, check out this quick start guide for Standard users here (and share it with your team!) >