Streamline Payments FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Have questions about Streamline Payments? We've got answers! Get the scoop below.


Streamline Payments are available on our Community Pro and Operations Pro packages. 

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Check out our Getting Started guide if you're ready to begin accepting payments >

Payments Accepted

What kind of payments are accepted?

    • Donations - Streamline Payments makes collecting donations simple. You can create donation pages  as a set amount, or  allow donors to set their own donation amount.
    • Online bill & invoice payments -Streamline Payments allows  community members who received an invoice/bill by mail or email to pay directly through your website. All they have to do is  input the amount, invoice number, and submit payment.
    • Products & services -Streamline Payments allows you to  sell branded products for your district, or offer paid services (ie: cemeteries offering flowers / gravestone cleaning).
    • Events & Class registrations - You can embed a Streamline Product on your events calendar for a dinner, fundraiser, or public class.

Are there any use cases that Payments may not work well for?

    • Registration Integrations - If your district is using software like ActiveNet for advanced registration capabilities, we currently do not have a way to integrate with those systems.
    • Complex Customer portal / utility metering integrations - If your district needs to connect a billing system to a user portal or integrate with a meter software, we recommend pointing customers directly toward those tools at this time.


Is there a setup or monthly subscription for Streamline Payments?

    • No, Streamline Payments comes standard with any Streamline Web subscription.

What is the processing fee per transaction? 

    • 3.9% + $0.30 is the default transaction fee for Payments users

What is the incentive for Streamline?

    • Included in the fees above, 1% of each transaction goes to supporting Streamline’s efforts on this product and future improvements

Who pays the fee?

    • For each individual product in Streamline Payments, the district user has the ability to either pass the fees along to the customer, or make the fees transparent and take them from the payment total

Can you split the fee?

    • Currently Streamline Payments does not offer a way to split the fee or make it optional for the payee, however this is something we’re considering for future improvements

Payment Processing

Where is the data stored?

    • The sensitive payment information is stored by Stripe and not stored within Streamline. See below for more info on Stripe security and why we chose them as a partner. The only information stored within Streamline is transaction summary information, along with anything collected in the Streamline form associated with a product.

How secure is it?

    • Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, we use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security at Stripe. Learn more here:

When does the money get deposited into my bank account?

    • For security reasons, the first payment you accept via Stripe/Streamline will take longer than normal: around 7 days.  After that, payments will be available within a couple of days.

Does the deposit go in one lump sum or can it be divided?

    • Yes, this can be configured when you setup a Stripe account


Can we send a refund?

    • Yes, within Streamline Payments you can review all orders and initiate a refund on any of them.

How will the refund look in Streamline?

    • Once a Streamline Payments order has been refunded, the ‘status’ field of that order will be changed to “Refunded”.


Who is Stripe, and why are they a Streamline partner?

    • Stripe is the nation’s leader in secure payments. Stripe is familiar to millions and uses the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security. Learn more here:

How much do I need to use Stripe after the initial setup?

    • Post setup, Streamline Payments is designed to be your primary interface for product and order management. However there are still some advanced features in Stripe that could be useful for some districts, ie: integrations with accounting software, chargebacks / disputes, and advanced order exports. Please reach out if you have questions about advanced Stripe features

Does Stripe connect to accounting software?

    • Yes, while Streamline is looking forward to building more integration options for districts, Stripe is already set up to handle many of these. Please reach out to us if we can help set something up, or for more information visit:

Can you add multiple bank accounts?

    • No, you will need to select one bank account to receive all deposits from Streamline Payments

Can I access my account in Stripe for payment history?

    • Yes, Stripe will have all payment history, but this information can also be found and downloaded on the “Payments” tab within Streamline Payments

Can we reject a transaction?

    • Yes, from within Streamline Payments any order can be refunded, see our knowledge base for more information on order management.

What’s needed to set up Stripe payment processing?

    • We have created an easy guide to set up Stripe, including what information you’ll need to have ready and a step by step guide. You can find that here: Creating your Stripe account

Who do we go to for support?

    • Streamline support is always available to you, and we’re happy to support districts on the Stripe setup and management. If additional support from Stripe is needed, we can help you connect with the right resources.

End User Experience

Can our customers view past payments?

    • No, currently we do not offer a way for customers to create an account and see their complete order history. However, all customers will be emailed a receipt from Streamline, and this history can be searched within their email history.

Will customers know about Stripe?

    • Yes, when it comes time for a customer to input their payment information this will be done on a Stripe interface but with your District information / logo included.  If customers have questions about payment security, they should reference this link: