Getting started with website compliance & accessibility

What compliance means for special district websites

Compliance matters

Every year, new regulations are rolled out requiring special districts to post and disclose a range of information, sometimes in specific and technical ways. The tools we have in our Meetings and Transparency dashboards make it simple and straight-forward for districts to understand and comply with these state and federal regulations.

Before you go live, arguably the most important thing you will do is make sure your site is compliant. This guide is intended to help you navigate these processes with ease, using the Streamline platform.

Before continuing with this guide, we recommend skimming through and/or bookmarking our reference articles on the Meetings dashboard and the Transparency dashboard for quick access to step-by-step instructions

Compliance made simple

Though the specific requirements vary from state to state, site compliance for special districts generally boils down to the following three items, which are covered in each section of this guide:

  • Make sure your meetings/agendas are uploaded in the timeframe required by law in your state - read more about that here >
  • Make sure your required info/documents are posted as required by law in your state - learn more about that here >
  • Do your best to make your content accessible to people with disabilities - we cover this in detail here >

While this guide offers everything you'll need to get your site compliance-ready to go live, you're not on your own! Feel free to reach out to us anytime for advice on best practices.