Linking a menu item to an external site

To link one of your menu items (main nav, secondary or footer links), simply follow these steps:

  1. Admin bar > menus
  2. Go to the menu you want (in this example we're using the secondary menu)
  3. Add a new menu item using the + sign next to another menu item (in this case, Contact Us)
  4. Give the new item a name:


  5. Next click on Link to Content, then on the next screen + New
  6. Expand the "This Content is a/an" area and change to External content type
  7. Name the External page content (eg Pay Your Bill)
  8. Add the external URL below the main body content. Note that you must include the http:// or it will clear upon save.


  9. Save and close the External content you just created
  10. On the next screen click "Save menus" to save your work:




Done! Now when someone clicks on that menu item, they will go to the external URL in a new tab.