Enable Engage for your Web or Portal site

So you wanna activate Engage for one of your Streamline sites?

If you would like assistance on getting Engage set up you can schedule some time with us for a brief walkthrough and we can fully activate Engage for your site.

Engage is available on our Community Pro and Operations Pro packages. 

Already have Engage activated? Check out our Getting Started guide!

What is Streamline Engage?

For your Web site:

When enabled for Streamline Web (your public facing website), Engage allows you to effortlessly send any page, meeting, or even an entire newsletter to lists you're able to manage right within your site. 

Set up a list for all your public members who want to see the agenda each month, and send it with one click.

Add a sign up button and collect emails of people who would like to hear from you, then create a newsletter page on your site and send it out, telling the community about the important work you do!

With a single click, you can share critical information to your community via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, and LinkedIn.

For your Portal site:

When enabled for your Streamline Portal (intranet / private site), Engage allows you to share draft content with your team, send out rosters or schedules, and collaborate with your team - whether they are in the field, or working from home.

Pricing is affordable, and there are no long term commitments. And just like with all of our tools, you receive unlimited support.