Email reply to submissions via the Submissions tab

So you received a form submission and you wanna respond directly to the submitter's email through Streamline? Now you can!

If you receive a form submission where the submitter has included their email (like this submission here):

You can now click on Reply / Manage to log in to your Streamline account and respond to them directly from the Submission tab! 

See how:

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will the person on the other end see when I send a response through the Submissions tab?

A: The email will be addressed to the submitter from your District using an email based on your URL provided by Streamline. Thus, if your initial URL was then the email sent will come from "". For questions on this please contact support >

Q: Why can't the email just come from my email directly?

For the email not to bounce or end up in spam, we'd need to set up specific SPF/DKIM records on your email server which we are not equipped to do at this time.

Q: How will the person respond to me? Will their follow up show up in Streamline?

A: If the submitter responds to an email you send through the Streamline platform, they will not respond to the email! Instead, we will automatically substitute your login email. So if you login using "" then that is where the submitters response will be directed. 

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