Inserting tables into body content

The table element allows you to insert tables into the body text area of any piece of content. The best part is, the tables are responsive (they'll scroll on mobile) and accessible for Section 508 compliance!

To insert a table into any content on your site, follow these steps (or scroll down to see the short video):

  1. When logged in, find the content where you'd like to insert the table by navigating to that page and clicking the Edit this content button in the upper right, or going to the admin bar > Content and clicking the pencil icon for the page
    1. If the page doesn't already exist, you can add it by going to Content > Add New
  2. Make sure the content includes a title, then type in whatever text you'd like to include above the table in the Main Body Content box
  3. Click "done" in the body text area, then hover to the left and click the Insert Element icon (+) wherever you'd like the table to appear - you can move it to a different part of the body text area later if needed
  4. On the popup that appears, choose Table as the Element type, and click Insert:

  5. Your table will appear in the body text area - click into the first cell and start typing to add content - use the tab key (or your mouse) to move between cells:

  6. By default the table will have three rows and three columns. The first row and first column will be bold "headers" - to turn headers on or off (make them not-bold), click on the first 3-dot icon above or to the left of the row or column:

    These icons also allow you to add or move columns or rows:

    (note you can also add rows by clicking the tab key when in the very last cell)

  7. When you're done, click out of the table and click Save (green button upper right) on the page
  8. View your beautiful table! :)

See how

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