We're live, what now?

Tips on boosting site traffic to your Streamline site

Congrats, your site is live! The hard part is over. While your site is optimized for search engine results, in some cases it can take some time for your site to reach the top of the results pages in Google and Bing.

What if you want to short cut that process and zoom straight to the top of the results page? Read on!

Make sure you have a Google Business listing and add your website to it

Why? The advantage of owning & maintaining your listing is you control the information that appears when someone searches for your district, including your official website, which is a great way to boost visibility and provide vital information at-a-glance.

See if you have a Google Business listing by going to google.com and simply searching for your organization name. If you have one, you'll see it appear on the right-hand side of the results, similar to this:

See the blue "Own this business?" link down there at the bottom of the highlighted portion? Click that, and you'll be able to have Google verify your ownership of the listing, which they can do in a variety of ways (e.g. by placing an automated call to the phone number that reads aloud a code that you can enter into Google to verify). 

Once you have claimed the listing, you can edit any aspect of the listing including the physical address, phone number, hours, and of course, your website! 

Tip: Adding your Streamline site URL to your Google listing is a great way to boost your site to the top of the results page!

If you don’t have a Google listing, or if you don't think you have control over the one that appears, you can create one for free by creating a Google Business account.

Do the same thing for Bing Places!

Not everyone who visits your page will be a Google user. Some may use Bing, and fortunately, they offer a similar free service to make it easier for people who are searching for you to find your information in a single listing. Visit Bing Places, create a free account, and include your Streamline website on your listing.

Place your website link on every social media channel associated with your organization

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social media channel should be updated to include a link to your Streamline site. While you’re at it, go ahead and make an announcement post on each platform to let your people know about the new website!

Include your site link in your newsletter or other communications

Make sure you broadcast the update in your monthly or quarterly newsletter. Include a link in your email signature. Add it to your business cards and letterhead. Get the idea? Put your new Streamline site as many places as you can to help drive traffic to all that great content you have worked hard to create.

Continue adding new meetings and content

Your site is not a static thing; as your board and committees meet, your job will be to update the site with new meeting pages, where you can upload your agendas and minutes. As you create new programs or schedule district events, it's a great idea to use your site as a way to engage your community and help them understand all the great ways you help them.

If you've come this far, you have all the skills you need to do this -- and we're here to help! If you have trouble with the above, schedule a Go Live session with us and we'll help walk you through it >