When you're in your Agency's dashboard, click the catalog on the right-hand side that you wish to publish.

Click the catalog you wish to publish

Click Publish this catalog

Copy your custom URL.  Be sure to include the URLIE: https://[yourcustomdomain].systemcatalog.net/

Log in to your Streamline sandbox

Navigate to the page on which you want to post your catalog

Click Edit this content

Click               Teasers Displayed in the Sidebar Menu            Or if you want the teaser displayed below the main body content, you can choose that option.

Click +Add New

Click +New to create a new teaser page.

Click External.  By doing this, we are essentially creating a stand-alone hyperlink or a redirect to your system catalog.  

Give your teaser page a title

Paste your system catalog URL in the URL box.

Scroll up and click Save and close

Your teaser appears on the right.  Click                               View and print our SB 272 Compliant Systems Catalog.           Read more »      

You are automatically taken to your System Catalog.  That's it. You're done.