Google's Instructions

Navigate to Google Calendar

Click the drop-down arrow of the calendar you want to embed and choose Calendar Settings (Note: you can select multiple calendars to display in a later step)

Here you can simply copy and paste the HTML code in this box and paste it into you Streamline site.  Or you can click Customize the color, size, and other options to edit your embed settings.

Here you can select what information is displayed (Title, Date, Print Icon, etc), the size of the calendar, which calendars are displayed, etc.  Then simply Update HTML at the top and copy/paste on to you site.

Once you copied your HTML text, navigate to your Streamline sandbox and click Edit this Content  on the page you want to embed the calendar on.

Click +

Select HTML and click Insert

Paste your HTML code into this field.

The HTML text that you save, will appear as a grey box place holder until you click Save and close

Once you click Save and Close your embedded calendar will appear on the page and will update in real-time based on changes you make in Google Calendar.  That's it. You're done.