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Reoccurring Calendar Entries

Hello everyone! I think that may have been discussed before, perhaps by Stu, but maybe we need to revisit it again.

We are a Healthcare District and we host several community events each month. Many of those are reoccurring. It would save us (me) many hours of repeatedly posting the same materials for these events if there was a way to make reoccurring events.

Could we get a few votes for this? I can't be the only one facing the prospect of creating and posting several weekly events over and over again ... am I?

Many thanks,


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My apologies, it was Su that mentioned it.

I will second Barbara's request for making it easier for us post and promote recurring events and programs.  Great idea!

We have monthly and weekly recurring events too.

Bumping and just a reminder to be sure and vote if you have a need for this. 

Yup! I'm on-board with setting up recurring events :)

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