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Search results should allow directly going to a document

If one of the search results is for a document, there is no way to select that document, only the enclosing page. If I've got a page that contains multiple documents (such as monthly police reports, audits, etc.) going to the enclosing page does me no good, as I have no idea which document contains the text. In addition the search result itself shows some of the text in the document that matched, so I should be able to click on that and go directly to the document.

To have to essentially a dummy enclosing page for each document just to make the search results functional seems wrong. It requires an additional click to get to the document I want, and forces the site design to adhere to a backend design decision.  

Hey Chris, wanted to let you know that a recent update made it much easier to find specific file attachments from search! Now when search displays results from within a file attachment and you click on it, the site will go to that page and scroll to the attachment and highlight it in the browser. :)

I'm not seeing this behavior. Try this:

- Search for Ad Hoc

- Select the 2nd page of results

- Click on the last entry (2013 Meeting Archives)

- The page that comes up doesn't have any highlighted document

I'm using Safari on the macOS 10.14

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