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Online Form Confirmation

Looking to see if we can add a conformation page when users submit information using the online form on our site. It currently just goes blank with a small confirmation at the top. It would be helpful to make this information submission more obvious to the user. 

Ideally we would be able to create a custom message so we could put that the information was received, how long until we get back to them, etc.

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Love this idea!

We're beginning to receive duplicate submissions because applicants are not sure whether their requests have gone through.  Any update on getting this feature?  Or perhaps a "workaround"?

We're setting product priorities this week so I should know more soon. 

As for a workaround in the meantime, the only thing I can suggest is a robust third party form solution like FormStack that you could embed into your pages.

Sorry for the dupes! 

Just following up to see if there are any plans to update the form feature?

Hey good news, we made several improvements to forms, including adding a more obvious submission notification for the user! Also added storage (admin bar > submissions) and file uploads. Hopefully you read the last customer update, but let us know if you have any questions!

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