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Custom Favicon

Would it be possible to have the Favicon match our District Logo?

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This may seem insignificant, but it in reality it's bad. If we can't have the ability to set a custom icon then please at least stop using the Streamline one. I'd much rather have none than the Streamline one, which is just wrong. No information is always better than wrong information.

And if the Streamline system didn't set the favicon it may be possible using custom Javascript to set our own. In any event this really should be fixed.

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Great idea, I've converted to a Forum topic!

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You can either disable the Streamline favicon or change it using Javascript:

let $favicon = document.querySelector('link[rel="shortcut icon"]');


  if ($favicon !== null) {

    $favicon.href = null;   // or change to your own custom URL for the icon


BTW if you do reference your own icon it will need to be at an https address. Or you can add the image to your assets and reference the resulting URL. (This may break if the image addressing system at Streamline changes.)

This has been released! Check out the Updates button (should be yellow) to learn more. :)

Our GM would like to see the Favicon as our District Logo, rather than Streamline (sorry;) Could you please work to making this editable?

I agree with Chris: This needs a resolution. This breaks the most basic of web branding 101, and it makes agencies look backwards having a generic Streamline favicon.

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