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Multi level security - especially for emergency notifications

We would like to log in for our field crews for doing emergency notifications.   It would also be great to allow them to upload a map along with the notification

I'd like to add to this.

At a minimum there should be two classes of users: Administrators and Basic users.

Only administrators should be allowed to add and remove users.

We have some users that we trust to add meetings, agendas, minutes, etc -- but we don't necessarily trust them with the ability do delete everyone's accounts and create accounts for their friends.

I understand that if you make user access controls too 'fine' that it can sometimes be confusing for people. But I don't think "Administrator vs Basic User" threatens to cross that line.

I concur with Austin's suggestion.

This has been completed and rolled out to your site! You can see the article here.

Thanks for advocating for this feature! :)

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