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Emergency Notifications

As a Fire Department user Id like to recommend that EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS has a drop dead time feature...

Most notifications from the EMERGENCY SERVICES field come from other agencies and have warning times on them... Or we recognize that our warning is no longer needed after a certain time.

So I think a feature allowing your warning to be stopped at a certain time would be handy. 

Today we posted an AVALANCHE warning that expires at midnight tonight, my current options are wake up and midnight and remove it or risk someone seeing before it is manually removed tomorrow.  Weather warnings all come with drop dead times from NOAA. 

Please include an option for local time zones. 


Joe Schwab

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I love this idea, it would be great to roll this out when we roll out content expirations in general. Thanks for posting the idea!

This is a great idea!

We second the motion for auto expire emergency notifications!

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