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Linking to Files from Text

I would like to request a feature when creating a link to have an additional option of a file, and it take you to the assets menu to link to or upload a file. This would make an additional way to directly link content in text rather than doing so via the + buttons. It also would make for a cleaner looking website. Currently what I am doing is uploading the document, saving the link to the file and then pasting that in as the link to work around this limitation.

I like this idea.  It would be great to be able to link a file this way

A way to do this that will save you some time is this: edit your content, add the text you want to make a link to the file. Then insert the file using the (+) symbol. Once it's in, right mouse click on the file and copy the link from right there, and paste it as a link for your text. Once that's done, you can then remove the file attachment from the post since the file will now be in your assets / uploaded.  :)

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