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Folder Structure for File upload

It would make it much easier to organize files if there was the ability to have a folder structure. In addition to the folder structure, it would be nice for this folder structure to translate to a predictable URL, so that we could easily link text to the files.

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I agree with William.  Having a stream of files is confusion.  Having the ability to organize and find items makes much more sense.  I would also suggest that for the Pages.  Even the ability to "move" pages along side one that may have been created earlier would make it easier.  The Teasers can be moved when linked in a Page; why not the Pages?


I would like to add another note on this subject.  I just realized as I am uploading files for our meeting archives, since there is not a folder structure option, I have to rename ALL of my files for every month for the past 11 years!  Since our Agendas always follow the same numbering convention, my folders in Dreamweaver help keep everything organized.  With Streamline, if I do not rename the files, there is no way I can tell (easily) which file belongs to which month or year.  This is going to be very laborious.