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Automatically add to Feature Request Forums

In the support request portal there is a dropdown menu option for the support request to be a feature request.   Oddly, when this is selected, the support request is immediately closed and the user (me) is told to enter it into the Feature Request forum.  It would seem to me that you already have all the data you need, so why not just put it there in the first place?   Making me type it all in twice is annoying.

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Hi Tom,

Thank you for your feedback! I agree it would be wonderful for feature requests to automatically be posted to the forum, however, we are working within certain software constraints. I will take a look at the workflow to help minimize redundant work on your end. Have a great day!

Hey Tom, we actually have the ability to convert a ticket directly to a forum request on our end, so I'm going to move this to "implemented" even though we didn't actually do anything. If you need something that isn't available yet, we'll let you know and convert the ticket on our end. (I agree it's annoying to have to do it twice!)

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