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Attachments to Forms

With our old website, customers were able to attach various types of documents and email them to us through our general email address.  With the new site, we have gone away from having a general email address on the website to using email forms as a way to communicate with directly with various departments, avoiding the spam that goes along with having a direct link to an email address available on the website.  I would like our customers to be able to add attachments to our email forms like you can when you submit a support request through Streamline.

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I love this idea, adding it to the list!

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Adding to that, when creating a form on the website, it would be very helpful for our residents to be able to upload an images (jpg). A simple addition to the form options with the ability to upload an image. 

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We also need to have the ability to have attachments for our forms as we receive ideas/comments and concerns from the community and it helps us greatly when we can see what they are talking about. 

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Having the ability to add pictures and forms to the Contact Us area would be helpful for the community and staff responding.

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Looking to see if we have any follow up on this ticket. We are hoping to start using something like this soon. 

Yes, having a photo or document to upload to forms is a great idea.

Hopefully you read the last release email went over all the form improvements ... this feature was rolled out last week. Let us know if you have any questions about it, and thanks for your patience!

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