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File Type Visible - Supporting Documents

Once you upload supporting documents via the dashboard, you are unable to edit the tile and the file type (PDF) displays (unlike agenda and minutes where it doesn't display).  The file type should not display which would make it consistent with agendas and minutes.  This bug needs to be fixed.  Additionally, I would like to be able to edit the title like you can elsewhere when you upload a file.

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Hey Brett, Drew is no longer with us so I'm in here getting a grip on the forum ideas. Looking at this one, the only challenge I see is that we can easily automatically change the agenda files to say Agenda, and the minutes to say Minutes, but because the supporting documents field can have multiple documents in it, I'm not sure that automatically renaming them would make sense. Maybe the ability to override the names (like regular attachments) would, though. Thoughts?

I think your suggestion to be able to override the names would work for the supporting documents.

I, too, would like to see the ability to rename agenda items.

Per my last reply, this was done quite awhile back - let me know if you need any assistance using this feature!

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