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I have several pictures of projects that are currently underway at the district and I wonder, is there a Gallery feature that I could use to display them (maybe as a teaser under a project page for instance) in a way that can appear as a slideshow or smaller pictures that can be clicked to enlarge?

Thank you!

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Thank you for your feedback! The Streamline platform does not currently have a photo gallery option but it is certainly something worth considering! Your ideas are great and we will add this to our list of features to consider implementing. In the meantime, you can feel free to add multiple photos to a page and resize/reorder as you would like! 

I have a number of photos of Otter Rock and would like to have a gallery that we could pull from as we build and continuously support our website. 

This would be a great feature to have. It would also be very helpful to have an easy access for people to "download images". We are putting together a section on our website for the media to download images to use for press releases or social post. 

Do we have an idea when this feature will be implemented?

Does anyone know of another service we can use that will produce an embed code that will work in Streamline? Flickr has the embed function, but no way to auto-start the slideshow.

Good News! We are currently working on our photo gallery and will send an email to all users and include a video walkthrough once it is implemented. Thank you so much to everyone who has given us feedback for this feature, we're listening! 

In the meantime, I do suggest following Levy's great idea of embedding Flickr for a slideshow. Although it does not have an auto-start function, this is our recommended option for a photo gallery until our feature is added. If you'd like us to embed it for you, just submit a ticket through your support portal and we will take care of it!

Thanks for all of your feedback and patience.

Photo galleries were released a few months back, so hopefully you're all enjoying them! Moving this to the implemented folder. :)

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