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Organizing Agenda Packets

When I add supporting documents to my meeting dashboard, I have to be sure to add them in the exact right order for them to appear on the page. Is this something you could look into adjusting? Ideally I would like to be able to move them around like I do teasers or documents on a page. A lot of the time my files are out of order when I upload them (on my side, not yours) so I would be great to be able to throw them on there and then be able to rearrange them as needed after they are uploaded.

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Any update on this request? I have so many supporting documents that we add to our page and when I have to add one last minute they become unorganized.

What our program assistant did was add it all to a PDF then just upload the PDF very simple and effective!

I concur with the request to be able to manually sort agenda items. Is there an update on when this feature might be added, or is there a workaround?

The ability to rename and re-order supporting documents was rolled out months ago (sorry, I am behind in updating the forums!) ... hopefully you've all found that functionality, but you can drag the files into a different order in the dashboard, and re-title what the public sees by editing the actual meeting and scrolling down to the attachments. :)

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