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Slideshows and Carousels on other pages

Advanced image management, such as slideshows and carousels on other pages would be AWESOME! I like the feature on the homepage and would LOVE it if there were other places we could do automatic picture rotations. For example: I have pictures of our lift stations and a TON of pictures of our guys at work and would really like to display them. Currently, I have them displayed but they are in a single line of photos going down the page so you have to scroll forever to see them all. It would ultimate if I could just have a separate page dedicated to our hard working guys that keep our place running and have a slideshow of them at work on their projects. Or at minimum, to at least be able to do whole bunch of thumbnails so people could click on the ones they want to see bigger - that way I could at least fit more on the page......?

Thanks for reading :)

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I agree a carousel for displaying images would be much preferred to having a long list to scroll down.

We rolled out photo galleries awhile back, which I think does the trick! Have you had any time to create one yet? They are pretty cool - you just insert as if it were an image, but choose gallery and upload multiple. You can even give them captions!

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