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The ability to insert tables other than as images.  We want to be able to better align information.

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Use cases: 

  1. Use tables to better control layout on the page.
  2. Use tables as a way to create pricing charts, display billing rates, etc.  

What are some other ways that you would use tables on your site?

The ability to add tables would be a great tool for our website.  I have to maintain pages that have 3-column lists of regulations that are updated regularly and currently have to use coding so that the columns are uniform and listed in a manner that others using our website can navigate.

I agree - there needs to be a way to insert a table or be able to use tabbing so you can align your text.  It could be used when adding a list of items to a page and you want columns to line up.  I made a list in Word then copied and pasted it into the website but the text still didn't line up.  Tabs would work great!  Tables could be used when you want a page to have links within the tables without having to click to open a PDF or other document that is capable of doing this - you want it right on the page.  I hope you can add this feature!  Thanks

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