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Password protected page on website

Our District would like the feature to have a password protected content page so that we can post employee information that is only accessible internally.

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Yes! Just sent you the survey so we can pick a time. :)

Sloane, can you add me to your email list for this feature please?

Sending an email to all of you right now to find a time next week that works - stand by!

Just circling back on this again. Last communication was ten months ago and no follow-up. Looking for a way to post web pages and files for internal use - basically an intranet section of the site. Three years since this topic was introduced - any intent to address?

I will reach out to everyone on this thread next week to start exploring the use cases and options. It sounds like overall everyone would probably be better with something like a Dropbox widget / integration, but that will depend on needs like tracking (who downloaded what), revisions, etc. If it's just a secure repository that is simpler than various levels of access - for example, should board members be able to see some files, but staff other files? It isn't quite as simple as it may appear, but we are happy to start exploring. I'll reach out mid-next week!

Exactly what we need. Budget season is upon us again and hope this is something Streamline can provide or may need to consider hosting solution elsewhere. Two years since first request! Please make this an immediate priority.

I am hoping that an intranet/password protected pages comes about soon. There is so much information we want to provide to staff (not the public) - go to pages for information (timesheets, forms, etc.) and with having different locations where staff work, it would be much easier to have one place all employees can go to for information. this could  also help with streamlining some of our processes - trying to go paperless (less paper) and allow for staff to get answers to their questions when needed not have to wait to get a hold of someone.

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We're setting product priorities this week, stand by! :)

Any update on timeline? Seems like this shouldn't be a huge fix and no movement in two years. What are all the other new features that are ahead of it in line?

MUCH needed!!

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Hey Denise, I agree this would be a great improvement. As for how long something takes, it depends on the demand for it - we try to build features based on the most need, and put them in the roadmap so we can plan ahead a bit. While this was requested by a single person two years ago, it started to get more traction with additional users only recently. It will get on the list sooner the more interest there is. :) (Obviously it's not an exact science but we do try to build what is needed by the most users.)

This would be a great idea.  Two years ago it was first requested.  What does it take to move something into action?  And how long is the turnaround usually?

I also commented on a folder structure under a different comment stream that was requested at least one year ago (I can't remember the date). 


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Not so far...reach out to your friends on Streamline and get them to pile on and upvote this!

Any movement on this one? Could use it for any number of items from policies to training schedules, etc. Very important!

Agree on this one. Lots of content I would like to provide to employees out of public view!

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