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Post title > add teaser may be too prominent

We're still seeing people gravitate to that + Teaser button area below the body field, while skipping the body altogether.

What is your suggestion to avoid this? I have a few pages (such as my district transparency page) where the bulk of the content is teaser to take the customer to the different topics. Is that the way the design is intended to be used or is there something more efficient? I don't have a problem with the way it looks, I'm just curious!

Hi Chalyse,

The initial thread in this post was referring to the Editor window.  Now, when you click "Edit this Content" the Main Body Content window is much more prominent and the teaser options hide down below.  It sounds like you're referring to how the teasers display.  I agree, if you don't have much main body content on a page and only teasers, then the teasers really do stand out.  There are a couple ways you can address this.  A) You can create hyperlinks within your Main Body Content text which would link to other pages on your site.  B) You can also create teasers in the sidebar of a page too (it is the second teaser display option) which may help to break up the look a bit! C) Perhaps there is some content that can be grouped and organized together on one page so you don't have different pages for small amounts of content. 

Feel free to submit a ticket or email our support team if we can help you address this further! :)

Being addressed in the next update!

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