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Hiding topics in the manage menus page

When working in the manage menus page, I would like to be able to hide the items that I am not currently using rather than delete them.  Some are areas that I am not currently using, but would like to use in the future.  It would then function a bit like a to do list right in the website program.

This is now possible! 

When you create a new menu item (using the plus sign to the right of an existing item), and give it a title, you can keep it in "draft" mode by simply not linking any content to it:

You can tell it's in draft because it has a grey background too.

Let us know if you have any questions!

- Sloane

Is there a way you could have it linked to an asset but still unseen by the public?  This way it is right there when you go to work on it and don't have to try to find it in the mass of assets?  You could maybe have a button to click that lets it be seen or unseen by the public?

You can link it to an unpublished asset, and it won't be seen by the public! Just make sure that the content you link to has the [   ] This content is accessible to the public checkbox unchecked, then you can work on the content before publishing. (You can get to the content by clicking on the link icon, then choosing Edit Linked Content so that you don't have to rifle through the whole Assets panel, too!)

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