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Streamline Weekly Workshops

Join Maria and Chris every Wednesday @ 10am Pacific for a fun, focused webinar on a rotating list of topics that will level up your digital game!

Welcome back to school, Streamliners!

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Can't wait to see you online!

<3, Chris & Maria

Sep 30: Communication in a crisis
How to effectively and efficiently communicate online during disasters and other crises

Oct 7: Staying Safe and Secure Online
How to avoid getting your email or website hacked, how to avoid viruses, and best practices on being a safe internet user

Oct 14: Tech Tips II: Internet 101
Best practices and tricks-of-the-trade that will impress your friends and colleagues (and make you a better, more efficient tech user as well!). We'll cover topics like browser plug-ins, useful websites, live document sharing, and more!

Oct 21: How to write a newsletter (that people will actually read)
Tried-and-true methods to get your community to open, read, and engage with your newsletters and other email-based communications. Learn about subject lines, intros, editing, design, and more!

Oct 28: Basic image editing for Streamline users
Looking to fit an image into your Carousel, update your logo, or make a newsletter page really pop? We're not graphic designers by trade, but we can show you a few neat tricks that will improve the look and feel of your Web or Portal site.

Nov 4: Creating great community surveys
If you want to get good information from the public, you have to know how to ask the right questions. We'll cover how to set up a quality survey and the various ways you can distribute them and collect the data.

Nov 11: Onboarding a new board or staff member with Portal
With election season upon us, we'll cover one of the most compelling Portal use cases by showing you how to create, distribute and track an onboarding module in Portal.

Nov 18: Fundraising through your Web site
As districts grapple with the new financial reality in midst of a pandemic, we'll look at several ways you can use your Web site to solicit and process donations to help mitigate losses to your operating income

Recorded Past Sessions:

Streamline + Technology "pro tips" - May 27

Easy tricks for the not-so-tech-savvy to be more efficient not only in Streamline, but as a general technology user. We'll cover things like how to use bookmarks, dragging and dropping, copy/paste, and more essential computing tips in the context of upping your Streamline skill set.


(download a copy of the presentation materials)

Get the word out: creating a blog or news feed - June 3

How to use landing pages to create a blog or news feed that will inform and entertain the public! We'll cover how teasers can be used to display pages of various types to create a slick newsletter or simple running list of updates/notices.


(download a copy of the presentation materials)

Designing a beautiful home page - June 10

How to use images, teasers, and layouts to make your homepage "pop"! We'll touch on a few tips for resizing carousel images, uploading a logo, and some "advanced" settings that you can request we update to change your color scheme.


(download a copy of the presentation materials)

Frequently Asked Questions about FAQ Pages - June 17

Answers to frequently asked questions about creating a frequently asked questions page on your Streamline website using a few different but equally viable methods.


(download a copy of the presentation materials)

Writing for the web - June 24


How to be found online (Basic SEO) - June 24


Sites we love! A review of some of our favorite client pages and how they created them - July 15


July 22: Choosing images, colors, and designs that express your district's brand


July 29: Become more efficient and reduce the need for paper using Portal