Embed a Google Map

Embed a Google Map

To embed a Google map into your content, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to maps.google.com and enter the desired physical address in the search box, press enter
  2. Once your map appears, click on the Share link (directly below the Directions button in the blue bar)
  3. Click on the Embed map tab on the pop up that appears
  4. Copy the embed code that starts with <iframe src=.....


  1. Next, go back to your Streamline site and edit the content where you want to embed the map (or create a new piece of content)
  2. Use the insert element function by clicking on any of the plus marks to the left of the body text area:


  1. Next, choose HTML as the type of element to insert:


  1. Paste the embed code you copied in step 4 into the box.

    PRO TIP: you don't have to be a coder to make your map responsive, just like the rest of your site, so it will resize when viewed on a smart phone! Simply change the width to 100% instead of the default 600 pixels (don't forget to include the percent sign). Before, width = 600:


After, changed to 100%:


  1. Save your content and your map will appear, like magic. :)