Reorganize and rename meeting Supporting Documents

You now can re-organize and re-name all Supporting Documents for your Meetings.

Please note: changing the title of your document will not change the name of your original file, it just changes what the public sees when viewing your meeting

In the Meetings Dashboard:

Once logged into your Streamline website, you can find the Dashboard by hovering over the red sidebar, located on the left of your screen. The Meetings Dashboard will be under the first tab.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 9.09.10 AM

If you have a meeting that has existing supporting documents you'd like to rename or reorder, you can skip steps 1 - 3 and go straight to step 4.

1. Click +Add File under the Supporting Documents column for your meeting

2. Select a file listed or click Select & upload a file to upload a document from your computer and click Select

3. Repeat the same process for your second document

4. Click the pencil icon located next to "2 files" and an Edit Content window will appear

5. Under the Supporting Documents section, hover your mouse over the 2 horizontal lines appearing to the left of document, then click and drag to change the order of the documents

6. Click the title of your supporting document (anywhere in the title is fine) and a text toolbar will appear

7. Simply type in the preferred name of your document then click Done in the toolbar

8. Click Save & Close

Alternatively, you can also re-organize and re-name Supporting Documents on your meetings webpage

1. Go to the meetings webpage and select the meeting of interest

2. Click Edit this Content at the top right of the screen

3. Repeat steps 2-8 listed in the section above

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