How to publish your Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Solutions for Special District Types

Per the 2018 Water Board regulations:

  • Each water system shall mail or directly deliver one copy of the Consumer Confidence Report to each customer.
  • The system shall make a good faith effort to reach consumers who are served by the water system but are not bill-paying customers, such as renters or workers, using a mix of methods appropriate to the particular system such as: Posting the Consumer Confidence Reports on the Internet;
  • Each water system serving 100,000 or more persons shall post its current year’s Consumer Confidence Report on a publicly-accessible site on the Internet.

You can easily post your CCR to your Streamline website and share the URL with your customers in a printed mailing that points them to the right internet location by following these steps:

  1. Create a menu item titled "Consumer Confidence Reports" in the appropriate section of your site:
  2. Go to the Consumer Confidence Reports section of your site, and click Edit this content in the upper right
  3. Below the body field, click on Teasers Displayed Below Main Body Content
  4. Choose + Add New, then type Page
  5. Title your post 2015 CCR (or whatever the proper year is)
  6. Insert your report (probably in PDF format) into the body text area, and give it custom text, if you'd like
  7. Save the page. You should then be back on the landing page, which will look something like this:null
  8. If you click on the 2015 CCR page, you can then copy that URL and use that to direct people to that landing page, so they can access the proper report:null
  9. Lastly, if you just want to use the same URL each year, where people can always find the most recent report, you could just send them to the landing page for Consumer Confidence Reports, which will look like this:null

That way you don't have to change it every year, and they can find all CCRs going back to previous years!