Organizing content as teasers

So you wanna link one page to another, or group pages together? Good news! Every page on your site has specific areas called "teaser zones" for just this purpose

Linking one page to another can be done in a few ways, but by far the easiest method is to use teasers. Teasers can be added to any teaser zone and provide a customizable preview of the page they link to. Multiple teasers can also be added to the same zone, which allows you to create groupings of pages (called "landing pages") that are more easy to organize.

What is a teaser?

A teaser is basically a link to a page which can preview some of the elements on the page it links to. Any page on your site can have a teaser created for it, and those teasers can be added to any zone on the site. Multiple versions of these teasers are called "instances" and you can create as many instances of a teaser as you need for any page on your site.

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Tip: for some it helps to think about pages and teasers like a family; the page is the "parent" and each teaser that is created is a "child" of that parent page. Multiple instances of these teasers can be created and customized independently, much like "siblings" tend to develop individual characteristics.

Linking from one page to another using a teaser

Let's say you have a page on your site, such as this event page, which you also want to link out to another page which features information on additional events. You can do this by expanding one of the teaser zones on this page while in the page editor:

Expand the sidebar zone and click the Add New + button to choose a page to "tease" in this zone -- once done, the teaser will be automatically created and featured on the page once you save your changes: 


Grouping pages together using teasers

If you want to group pages together, you can add multiple teasers to the same zone. Let's say you want to create a page on your site that groups together a specific set of events (although this could work for any page type). You can do this by expanding one of the teaser zones on the page while in the page editor:

Expand the below main body content zone and click the Add New + button to choose your event pages (or create them if they don't yet exist) to "tease" them in this zone -- once complete, teasers will be displayed on the page in an orderly stack:

Note: grouped teasers like this can be ordered and customized in various ways by clicking on the gear icon next to the zone!

A page that groups other pages this way is called a "landing page" and is a useful way of organizing all sorts of content on your site. Pages you want to group together, like board + staff members, events, news items, or just about anything else, are best featured this way!

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Customizing teasers

Teasers automatically inherit specific content from the page it links to, but this can all be customized (without removing the link to the page). To customize a teaser, click on the pencil icon in the top right of the teaser. 

Note: depending on whether there are different instances of this teaser, you may have the option to edit one or all of the teaser instances at the same time

You can customize any of the four parts of a teaser: (1) the Image, (2) the Title, (3) the Summary, and (4) the Call to Action. Click on the customize link next to the part of the teaser you wish to customize:

Note: Not every teaser zone will show all four parts. You can learn more about teaser zones here >

Warning: teasers cannot be updated to link to a different page, so if you need to update where a teaser is linking, you'll need to completely remove the teaser and replace it with a teaser to the new page!